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Leadership @ UW

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a rich history of developing engaged citizens in an ever-changing society. This is not coincidental, but a natural outgrowth of our university’s culture and mission.

Leadership development is taking place across our campus in organizations, programs, and courses. By connecting people and opportunities, Leadership @ UW supports our great University of Wisconsin in its tradition of promoting leadership for positive change on campus, across our state, and throughout the world.


Promotes the UW-Madison Leadership Framework, a shared understanding of leadership inspired by the Wisconsin Idea, that honors new and existing practices.

Your Lasting Impact

Leadership @ UW brings together programs, academic courses, trainings, and workshops around the UW-Madison Leadership Framework, making it easier for individuals and organizations to develop leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.

You can help create brand new programs to benefit students, faculty and staff on campus. Your contribution will leave a footprint with a lasting impact.

Featured Programs

Leadership @ UW Spring Open House

Leadership @ UW had a wonderful turnout at the Spring Open House on Tuesday, May 1st in the Virginia Harrison Lounge!

The Open House celebrated leadership here at UW, with attendees from all corners of campus. We had words from our feature speakers and the Leadership @ UW Executive Sponsors: Lori Berquam and Lynn Freeman.

Please feel free to visit this link to browse our photo gallery!

School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy integrates the UW–Madison Leadership Framework into its operations to create new and more dynamic leadership outcomes for its students. The program emphasizes the development of leadership for clinical pharmacists as an action-oriented endeavor not based on formal authority positions, and will be used to make student pharmacists responsive to the context of each patient-system interaction. See more

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