Students, Faculty, & Staff

We invite you to take advantage of our support as you plan and develop excellent leadership programs, academic courses, trainings and workshops. Our Leadership @ UW staff is here to help. Below you can find their information and contact details.

Community of Practice

Image of Leadership @ UW Community of Practice

The Leadership @ UW Community of Practice is a dynamic and growing social structure. The community meets monthly to help one another to strategize best practices in leadership development. Leadership @ UW is there to support this group as they implement the UW-Madison Leadership Framework in a variety of contexts.

Reasons to join include:

  • Requesting a group consultation created or potential leadership development program.
  • Presenting your idea on how you integrated a process or program with the Leadership Framework.
  • Viewing other campus partner’s ideas for leadership development programs.
  • Supplementing your Engaged Leaders through Employment experience.

If you or your unit is interested in joining the Community of Practice, please e-mail the Chair, Geoff Larson.



The Leadership Development team at the Center for Leadership & Involvement is here to help you develop your leadership development programs. We can assist you in most processes of implementation which include assessment, planning, execution, and on-going guidance.


You can schedule a 1-hour consultation with a member of our team to discuss the following:

  • Leadership Studies Course Creation & Syllabi Review
  • UW-Madison Leadership Certificate Integration & Pipeline Creation
  • UW-Madison Leadership Framework Utilization
  • Organizational Leadership Behavioral Assessment
  • Leadership Development Program Planning

During our consultation we will assess your needs, provide needed resources and/or review, and will determine if on-going consultation will be needed. Our goal is to help you develop capacity to independently execute your planned program.


Given our focus on helping you build your capacity to execute your program, we unfortunately cannot provide indefinite support with our resources. During our consultation, we will define when use of our resources will end, and we encourage you to submit one-time requests for any guest lectures and workshops.

Interested in Consultation?

Please e-mail us at with the following information:

  • Name of organization
  • Service/s you are interested in
  • Brief description of your need/s
  • General availability

Current & Past Consulting Partners

  • Accenture Leadership Center, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Associated Students of Madison
  • Bolz Center for Arts Administration, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Center for First-Year Experience
  • Dining and Hospitality Services, Wisconsin Union
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Hoofers, Wisconsin Union
  • IMPaCT Program, WIScience
  • MBA Program, School of Business
  • Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program
  • Morgridge Center for Public Service
  • Office of Admissions
  • Office of Career and Leadership, UW Athletics
  • Office of Sustainability
  • PEOPLE Program
  • Posse Program
  • Russian Flagship Program
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Student Employment, Office of Financial Aid
  • UW-Madison Libraries

Guest Lectures & Workshops

In connection with the UW-Madison Leadership Framework, our Leadership Development team created schedulable one-time lectures and workshops for a variety of audiences about leadership development concepts.

Program Title Program Type Description Length Audience
Channeling your Purpose during a Developing Landscape Lecture/Presentation Learn more about how leadership and your leadership style can help you navigate our current pandemic, as well as how our Leadership Framework can help you develop resiliency during this time of crisis. 45 min. – 1 hr. Faculty/Staff/Students
Defining your Leadership Style Lecture Developing leadership capacity is an ongoing process of learning, practicing, and reflecting. Why engage in leadership development? For the purpose of positive change in your beliefs, values, or behaviors! In this lecture, we will review the results of your Leadership Self-Assessment and help you create a Leadership Development Plan. 1 hr. – 1.5 hrs. Faculty/Staff/Students
Developing your Change Initiative Workshop In this workshop, we will engage with the UW-Madison Leadership Framework to identify the change initiative you would like to create and methods to drive your passion forward. 1 hr. – 1.5 hrs. Students
Fostering an Inclusive Environment Presentation/Workshop Through guided discussion, participants will consider their own dominant identities and the possible organizational identity of their unit. Together we will explore how to identify and remove barriers, as well as the opportunity to examine what diversity looks like in our own organizations. Through small group activities and individual reflection, participants will discover how these lessons can be applied to both their specific programs and in their daily lives. 1 hr. – 1.5 hrs. Faculty/Staff/Students
Leadership Certificate Informational Session Presentation/Workshop This will be a general overview geared toward students who are just beginning the Leadership Certificate application process. Through interactive group work, we will discuss questions you may have about your specific leadership experiences. 30 min. – 1 hr. Students
Spheres of Influence Presentation/Workshop At UW-Madison, we believe that although leadership is an action-oriented endeavor not based on position or level of authority, context matters and each situation requires unique engagement. In this workshop, we will learn about authority and positionality, and think about how you can strategically use your own influence to drive change. 1 hr. – 1.5 hrs. Faculty/Staff

Schedule a Lecture or Workshop

Please e-mail us at with the following information, two weeks in advance:

  • Name of class/organization
  • Lecture or workshop you are interested in
  • # of students
  • Three preferred dates & times
  • Virtual platform you are using or need for our staff to provide a platform

NOTE: For an impactful experience for our lectures and workshops, we just allow modified lengths of our programs based on the listed lengths of time in our table listed above.

Student Peer-Led Workshops

Adventure Learning Programs Teambuilding Workshops

The mission of the Adventure Learning Programs (ALPs) is to challenge people through adventure-based learning to discover themselves and understand those around them. ALPs utilizes experiential education for their workshop experiences.

Jones Leadership Center Authentic Leadership Workshops

Based on the Authentic Leadership Model, their staff work with student organizations to create an interactive program that fits their goal's and objectives. This is a free service designed to help students develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Certificate Info Session

This will be a general overview for student organizations who are interested in learning about the Leadership Certificate. Contact us at to schedule a session for your organization.

Student Leadership Program Leadership Workshops

SLP believes the leadership process begins by strengthening individual leadership skills. They offer customizable workshops to student organizations based on requestable themes related to leadership skills.

Cory Hamilton

Assistant Director of Leadership Development


Cory manages many of our leadership development initiatives and programs for the Center for Leadership & Involvement. He also coordinates and supports Leadership @ UW, maintains the UW-Madison Leadership Framework, and provides consultations, lectures, and presentations for leadership development. Please e-mail us with questions at

Graduate Staff

Olivia Powers-Duplissis

Leadership Development Coordinator

Olivia serves as primary support for our Leadership @ UW efforts and is one of our advisors for the UW-Madison Leadership Certificate program. Olivia also helps conduct trainings and workshops for our campus community. If you have questions about our Leadership @ UW services, please email at

Sarah Volk

Leadership Development Coordinator

Sarah serves as the primary advisor and coordinator for the UW-Madison Leadership Certificate program. Sarah also helps conduct trainings and workshops for our campus community. If you have questions about our Leadership @ UW services, please email at