Leadership @ UW offers a suite of high-impact leadership development products built exclusively around the UW-Madison Leadership Framework. These popular tools enhance learning through interactive engagement. All of the tools are designed with flexibility and customization in mind. Target your specific needs through a range of activities.

Download and print, or order high-quality products at low cost.

Image of Leadership Activity CardsThese activity cards are a resource for individuals and groups to explore and familiarize themselves with elements of the UW-Madison Leadership Framework. The colorful cards include definitions of the values and competencies, and leadership goals. Use these cards for any variety of high-impact engagement activities – great for individual reflection and group dialog.

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PostersDisplayed in your personal or shared workplace, these posters of the UW-Madison Leadership Framework serve as a reminder of your commitment to leadership development for the purpose of positive change. The durable, laminated surfaces make it possible for you to customize and emphasize particular areas using dry-erase markers. Three posters to choose from.

All posters are 14″x20″. Larger posters are available by special order.


Image of Leadership Self-Assessment booklet coverOur leadership self-assessment booklet is a hands-on tool for guiding leadership development. Based on the UW-Madison Leadership Framework values and competencies, each assessment features 63 examples of leadership outcomes. The booklet offers plenty of space for goal-setting and reflecting on results. Support the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities for the purpose of positive change.

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Image of Leadership @ UW worksheetThe framework worksheet is designed to help individuals and organizations begin building awareness of their leadership strengths and identify opportunities for growth. The UW-Madison Leadership Framework matrix provides a simple format for reflecting on leadership capacity.

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What people are saying

“Activities help break down the more cerebral concepts underlying the framework.”

Staff Member, UW-Madison


“I keep thinking of new ways to use the cards in my workshops and trainings. They never grow old.”

Facilitator, UW-Madison


“The book is set up so I can focus on one competency at a time.”

Instructor, UW-Madison


“The assessment offers a way for me to look at my leadership skills and decide what I want to continue to develop.”

Student, Campus Community Member