Getting Involved

Everyone is welcome to engage in Leadership @ UW in a role that fits their interests, needs, and time commitment. From utilizing the framework in programs and courses, to volunteering with the Leadership @ UW movement, students, faculty, and staff find that their efforts are inspiring and purposeful. Involvement at any level is appreciated and necessary to sustain this important campus movement.

Image of Attendees of the 2012 Retreat

Ways to get Involved

Learn from others and share experiences related to implementing the UW-Madison Leadership Framework in different contexts. The Community of Practice serves as a sounding board and consulting body to faculty, staff and students who have or are looking to infuse the UW-Madison Leadership Framework into a course, program, staff development opportunity, etc. Whether you’re just interested in learning what’s happening on-campus surrounding the UW-Madison Leadership Framework or you’d like to provide feedback to current and future framework implementers, the Community of Practice might be a great fit for you!

Please contact Geoff Larson, the Community of Practice Chair, to be added to this community and our listserv.

The Coordination Team serves as the advisory board to the Leadership @ UW program. The individuals that make-up this team share their thoughts, feedback and ideas about the direction of the program and the content of its’ materials. There are also opportunities to get involved with special projects through involvement with this group. Please contact to join this team.

Incorporate the UW-Madison Leadership Framework into your staff’s work, your curriculum, or a student program, initiative or workshop. We’re here to help.

The UW-Madison Leadership Certificate program is an institution-wide program steeped in the UW-Madison Leadership Framework which is open to all graduate, professional, and undergraduate students to engage in long-term leadership development. We are seeking additional Review Committee members since the UW-Madison Leadership Certificate program continues to grow and we have more students interested in participating!

Why should you consider joining this committee? It is a great way to connect with students across campus and learn more about their passions, it allows you to aid in their leadership development, and you also have the opportunity to celebrate in their success.

Want to learn more and join? Please answer the following form:

Looking to get involved, but don’t have a lot of extra time? A listserv member is a great way to stay on top of what’s happening with Leadership @ UW, without ever having to attend a meeting. Listserv members are kept abreast of updates, invited to large-scale events, like our Annual Open House and asked to help out with things like pilot testing on-line platforms. To join the Leadership @ UW listserv, please contact